New story in the library

There is a new story of mine in the Library of Spanking Fiction. It is a series in nine parts (approximately 30,000 words) about a very strong and intelligent woman that changes the direction of her life and joins a domestic discipline community. Women through the ages have sometimes had to fight for their families and when danger threatens her new family Sally reverts to her old self.... but just for the duration.

I enjoyed writing this one a great deal and I promise that Sally is no 'milk and water miss.' As her new husband says, "Domestic discipline takes strength of character."

Apology and news update


I have to apologise. A huge apology to any who may visit this site. I have neglected it and my only excuse (other than Christmas) is that family affairs have taken precedence. Family always come first with me and sometimes family affairs do just take over. Perhaps I ought to stand in a corner but I’m not sure how to do that on a website so just paint a picture in your mind of me standing, nose into a corner, feeling somewhat ashamed of myself. I promise to do better in future.

So a quick catch up and news in brief:

  1. Elizabeth’s Flight was accepted by Flopsy and went live as an eBook on the 22nd December. I have been quite pleased with its reception. I liked the art work of the front cover except Henry, my alpha male, was rather young looking. Still can’t have everything.

  2. I have written a longish story (about 29,00 words) entitled “Sally’s Journey” which is now up on nine parts at the Library of Spanking Fiction. Membership is free and the story may be viewed for nothing. Sally is a strong, assertive young woman with a successful career when a family tragedy requires her to give up her career and make personal sacrifices. She uses the time well to rethink her priorities in life but then makes a choice which surprises even her.



My eBooks...big mistake


When I finish writing this I shall have to go back and stand in the corner with my hands on my head. I made a big…huge, massive…mistake when I set up this website. Yes, OK, I am an idiot and have been duly chastised by several people for my dozy stupidity. I made the links to my eBooks look as if they were only for Kindle via Amazon. That is not so. They can be read on any eReader and may be obtained from LSF Publications very easily at the address below. I will correct my error. If you wish to heap coals on my head write to me at for when I come out of the corner.

Elizabeth's Flight has gone to the publisher


Elizabeth’s Flight has gone to LSF Publications as a submission. I do hope that Flopsy and Februs regard it as acceptable for publication. Several people have flattered me by saying I do not write stories that are merely set piece spankings with links in between. They say I write stories which happen to have spanking in them…in the case of Elizabeth’s Flight quite a lot of sex scenes too. I don’t like twisting the plot to fit in a sex scene; with The Reluctant Bride there really wasn’t any natural opportunity to have a sex scene. That is not so with Elizabeth’s Flight. To begin with the story appears to be a simple case of a girl, with rather cold and unpleasant parents, who want her to marry a most unsuitable man. She flees to the West to become a school teacher. Of course it isn’t by any means as straight forward as that. I await Flopsy’s verdict.

Elizabeth's Flight is finished

Elizabeth’s Flight is finished and gone to the Beta Reader. Well strictly speaking it was finished and went last week but I have been having computer problems. What is a beta reader? Well every writer makes mistakes but the problem is you don’t see a lot of them. You read what you thought you wrote even if that isn’t what is on the screen (or on paper). A beta reader checks for all those mistakes and for plot errors. In Elizabeth’s Flight I suddenly changed the name of one of my characters from John to William. I have no idea why I did that but it is the sort of issue a beta reader picks up. Jon is an American who volunteered for the job and he has been an unsung hero. So Jon…many thanks for the great job you do.


Halloween! I see the shops are awash with pumpkins even as one newspaper reported on there being a huge shortage. Weird how rubbish like that takes a hold. In my early days writing these stories I wrote a story which was meant to be the starter for a competition but the organiser never actually got around to doing the organising. Shame really. So as the leaves fall, the Jack O’ Lanterns glow and children get yet more sweeties with which to stuff their faces an extract from that story. It is entitled All Hallows’ Evening and may be found in the Library. It is Halloween and Sir John has invited a young teacher to supper. The events of the evening change them both.

“It was a cold clear night with the leaves littering the roads sounding crisp and frosty as I walked on them and I was glad to get into the warmth of his house. He was using a little parlour that night: there was a warm fire burning in the hearth and the light shone on ornaments and pictures making them all look cheerful. He already had some music playing and a lovely supper spread out on a small table in one corner. Even the corners tucked away from the light seemed friendly and full of promise. He gave me a glass of sherry and I sat down near the fire while he sat opposite.

I took one small sip of the sherry and a ripple ran across my sight; for a moment everything was distorted and I heard mischievous and malicious laughter away in the distance. When my sight cleared the room was oddly different although everything was the same: the colours seemed harsher and the light from the fire frightening not friendly; dark corners held fearful promise; and the supper table looked somehow unwholesome. Sir John himself seemed different: he looked more assertive and confident. He was looking at me in a controlling and manipulative manner almost one of cruelty.”

Elizabeth’s Flight - Research

Back on the subject of research for Elizabeth’s Flight. My hero is the sheriff but around 1870 to 1880 what weapons would a sheriff use? Naturally I thought of the Colt Peacemaker or Colt 45.
You see them being used in old films with the user pulling back the hammer each time the gun is fired to move the cartridge round into the firing position. However, I researched and checked to find that actually at that time the Colt Navy (first issued in 1851) was still widely used. Many famous Western characters such as Wild Bill Hickok and Doc. Holliday used the Colt Navy which was the first revolver light enough to be carried in a holster. Although it had a revolving cylinder it did not use cartridges like the later Colt 45 and used powder and ball with each cylinder requiring careful loading. I watched an amazing video on the internet where a modern expert loaded a cylinder for firing…what a laborious process. The consequence was users often carried two or more revolvers…one in a holster and one or more tucked into belts. Some even carried pre-loaded spare cylinders. Of course there were some conversions that allowed the Colt Navy to use cartridges.


I’ll bet corsets are not the first thing on your mind at any time. Lately they have been on mine. No! That’s not because I’m getting fat and need to keep my figure in shape it is because I have been writing westerns. It appears nineteenth century women could not go anywhere without being laced into corsets. They were not the pale imitations we see today but powerful creations involving steel and whalebone all designed to create the ‘ideal’ figure. In 1917 the American government, as part of their war effort, banned the use of steel in corsets and enough steel was saved to build a battleship.  Now you try undressing one of your characters for a bit-of-the-other when she is laced into a steel monstrosity…not easy; so I researched whether everyone wore them in the nineteenth century. It turned out that the medical profession was none too keen on what women were doing to themselves. Two American doctors started a corset factory to make ‘healthy’ corsets and the same thing occurred in Switzerland but then an amazing coincidence. On my bookshelf is a very old book for boys. It is called On Special Service by Gordon Stables. I’m not even sure why I have it but I recognised the name when it popped up in my corset research. Dr Gordon Stables was a Royal Navy doctor who left the Navy to become a successful writer. Among his many works were books on being healthy for girls and women. He advocated girls get lots of exercise as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. The man was well ahead of his time and he was strongly against the wearing of corsets for girls but also women and campaigned against their use. So I have had my characters’ spurn corset wearing. But don’t feel too smug about our superior knowledge. Just think about some of those high heels and the damage they do to feet…

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